Screwed Flanged Immersion Heater


If you are up for a bit of “Out of the Box” thinking, may we suggest a Screwed Flanged* Immersion Heater as a viable alternative to a terribly expensive Flanged Heater? Call Jamie on 01827 215684 to discuss.

The basic premise is to take a flange, and rather than fitting it with elements, as on our FFY Range, either tap it with a 2.25″BSP thread, or cut a 70mm hole in it & weld a 2.25″BSP boss to it. Kinda like –

Single screwed flange Foto
Single screwed flange Foto


This will enable you to take a stock (next day delivery) or bespoke (2 week delivery) screwed immersion heater and screw it in to heat your solution. The “Gift That Keeps Giving” nature of this solution means that you can always do that in the future. And when a screwed heater costs £230-450 and our cheapest flanged 12kW (FFY1216) is £1055, you can start to see the potential to save a lot of money!

On larger flanges requiring more power, we can fit multiple weld bosses onto the flange. Thus fitting more heaters into the available space. We can do 3 (if these were stock 18’s at 33″ £350 it would be a 54kW unit. 3 24’s at  43″ £420 it could accommodate 72kW) –

…or even 4 (if these were stock 18’s at 33″ £350 it would be a 72kW unit. 4 x 24’s at  43″ £420 it could accommodate 96kW) –

What is feasible will be dictated by the flange dimensions.

Flange table
Flange table


More images will be added as we sell this novel variation. We very much hope the idea catches on, as it is a big Win – Win for both customer & suppler.

Call Jamie on 01827 215684 to discuss your specific needs. The first few customers to tread this path will get favourable prices. We want the fotos, both before they leave us, and hopefully in situ, on site, doing a proper job. And glowing reviews too.

*Patent Pending (NOT!) until we (or you) come up with a better name. Respect to you for checking!