PTFE Over the Side Vat Heater.

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We offer bespoke PTFE Over the Side Vat Heaters for aggressive chemical solutions & oils, in both Single Phase Single Element and Three Phase Three Element options.

Yes, it’s the same as CHeflon, but that’s trademarked, so I’d better not mention it by name.

Simply put, a PTFE heater is a longer Stainless Steel element than normal, with a protective sheath pulled over it, to assist with chemical ingress resistance. A bit like putting a condom on an elephant, one would guess. Longer element required to allow lower watt density, and therefore surface temperature, so as not to melt the PTFE coating.

The image below shows all of the various shapes and bends which can be achieved, if you are unable to accomodate the drops listed in the table further down the page.

over the side vat heater available bends
over the side vat heater available bends

Our heaters feature:

  • PTFE sheathed Stainless Steel element
  • Lower watt density, so as not to melt sheath
  • Heavy Duty Moulded ABS Terminal Box. 3ph – 300x100x100mm, single phase 100x100x100mm.
  • IP54 rated Terminal box – suitable for outdoor use,
  • 12.7mm or 1/2″ elements.
  • Moulded cable entry glands.
  • Removeable cover for easy access to wiring.
  • Adjustable moulded mounting blocks.
  • Colour coded for easy identification of element sheathing material.
  • Cold section markings for visual prevention of liquid level drop.
  • Robust construction.

Available power ratings for PTFE Over the Side Vat Heaters –

Everybodies application is different, and I much prefer to chat thru the peculiarites in person. Texts & emails lack detail & nuance. And there are a range of options we can employ to get round any issues. If you have a low level of solution, we can come out of the terminal box without the horizontal section, giving 18″ of cold drop. The downside to this is that the heater then needs to be suspended over the solution, potentially in any vapours rising, etc. Swings & Roundabouts, which are best discussed. So please call Jamie on 01827 215684 to discuss your PTFE Over the Side Vat Heater needs.

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