Vat Heater Thermostat.

A Vat Heater Thermostat is a capillary thermostat housed in hollow tube of the relevant material, SS321, SS316L, Titanium or PTFE, with a standard drop of 17″.

  • Incorporates high quality 30A 250V proprietary capillary thermostat.
  • Standard range of 25°C to 100°C.
    • Lower ranges available on request.
  • Highest quality sheathing materials provides longest possible service life.
  • Removable dial and cover allows for easy access to wiring and in-house maintenance.
  • IP54 rated heavy duty moulded ABS terminal boxes: –
    • 120mm x 90mm x 70mm.
    • 400mm drop into tank = X dimension.
    • Longer lengths available on request.
  • Moulded cable entry glands.
  • Moulded and adjustable mounting blocks.
  • Colour coded for easy identification of sheathing material.

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Vat Heater Thermostat Pros & Cons.

Life is full of Swings & Roundabouts, and the cost of a Vat Heater Thermostat is an unfortunate downside, at the same cost as a single phase heater! An immersion heater, fitted thru the side of the vessel, comes with a stat pocket. Thus a bargain £30 stat can be added. Albeit a somewhat “Agricultural” one, with a variance of circa +/-7°c. This suits most customers, but if half a degree accuracy is required, a PID Controller will have to be fitted. The upside to the Over the Side, Vat Heater arrangement is that the tank or vessel does not need to be drained in order to switch out a dead heater or controller. They can be simply dragged Over the Side! Also, vat heaters and controllers can be moved from one vessel to another, increasing flexibility.

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