6000w 6kW Heating Element.

6000w 6kW Heating Element


Our 6000w 6kW Heating Element, 8mm diameter, UK manufactured Heating Element is available in the following straight lengths from stock, but can be rolled to accommodate other specific lengths if required.

Elements can be bent or formed into the configurations shown below. Some forming is done by a clever machine, but most is done by an even cleverer fellow, built like Popeye. Thus, the more complicated & involved the bends, the more you will have to pay for the spinach required to build the lad up. Straight elements are cheapest, and you could form them yourself. If you are feeling adventurous. Or the shaping is just too weird and specific. But, in my humble opinion, it is best to let the experts do their work.

6000w 6kW Heating Element Available Bends.

6000w 6kW Heating Element
6000w 6kW Heating Element Available Bends

Background information.

Industrial Heating elements are a resistance coil wire (producing heat), encased in magnesium oxide (the white powder, compacted by rolling down from 10mm to 8mm, for protection of wire & insulation purposes, bizarrely) encased in a usually stainless steel tube. For more detailed written explanation, click here. For a video explanation by some bloke with a really boring voice, click below.

Just for clarification, an Immersion Heater (see below) is 3 such elements on a screwplug with a terminal box housing the connections. Cuz we all speak diffrent! So, as we specialise in Immersion Heaters, it would seem rude not to also provide industrial quality heating elements as well.

3 U bent element immersion heater
3 U bent element immersion heater

We can supply elements to your exact length, power output and shape requirements (see above). But as dimensions and accuracy are critical, it’s best we have a conversation about your needs. So call Jamie on 01827 215684 to discuss your needs.


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