3kW PTFE Over the Side Vat Heater SINGLE PHASE


3kW PTFE Over the Side Vat Heater SINGLE PHASE

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Our 3kW PTFE Over the Side Vat Heater SINGLE PHASE can be with you in a day or two from payment received.

Simply put, a PTFE heater is a longer Stainless Steel element than normal, with a protective sheath pulled over it, to assist with chemical ingress resistance. A bit like putting a condom on an elephant, one would guess. Longer element required to allow lower watt density, and therefore surface temperature, so as not to melt the PTFE coating.

  • 85″ / 2160mm TOTAL drop by default, bendable to fit your vessel, as loops, feet, etc
  • Default arrangement is 6″ on horizontal (cold) then first 12″ of drop is cold, rest is hot & MUST be submersed when active
  • 6″ horizontal can be ommitted, giving 18″ colds and 91″ total drop, but this requires terminal box to be suspended over solution
  • Heavy duty moulded ABS IP54 rated Terminal box 100mm cube, suitable for outdoor use
  • Single phase, single element
  • 12.7mm or 1/2″ elements
  • 12w/in² suitable for some chemical solutions (PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR CHEMICAL SUPPLIERS – WE KNOW HEATERS, NOT CHEMICALS!)
  • Moulded cable entry glands
  • Removeable cover for easy access to wiring
  • Adjustable moulded mounting blocks
  • Black element markings as SS321 elements, sheathed with PTFE
  • White band cold section markings for visual prevention of liquid level drop
  • Robust construction

Call Jamie on 01827 215684 to discuss your specific 3kW PTFE Over the Side Vat Heater SINGLE PHASE requirements, as everybodies application needs are different, and prevention is better than cure. If you are not sure of your kW needs, use our handy Calculation Tool.

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