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If you’re looking for Industrial Immersion Heaters, Brewery Immersion Heaters, heating elements, or  vat heaters, then you’ve come to the right place. Not only for the best products at excellent prices.

We are renowned for high quality advice, support and service that are all a cut above. See Testimonials garnered supporting this assertion. And yes, they are all kosher! Please feel free to add to them by clicking these links for Google & TrustPilot.


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Here at Immersion Heaters UK, we specialise in supplying exclusively to industry. Many of our customers are small-to-medium-sized breweries. We take great pleasure in supplying them with the optimum products for their requirements. But our focus is always in helping every customer. From whatever sector, to find exactly what best suits their specific needs. So that they can concentrate on what they do best.


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On this site, you will not only find an online catalogue of our core range of products. You’ll find tips, advice and guidance, as well as links to other resources to make your life easier, including our heating calculators.

On our blog, ElementsOfHeating there is a wealth of relevant and useful information, such as an explanation of what a heating element actually is. Also we have a full description and explanation of the component parts of a screwed immersion heater and my best punt at explaining the joys of watt density, and it’s crucial importance when choosing the most appropriate immersion heater for water, oil, and breweries. Also available is an informational entry about the process we go through when designing immersion heaters generally.

On our YouTube channel we have videos showing how to wire an immersion heater

…an explanation of what a heating element is well as this 2 minute explanation of what an immersion heater is.

We hope you find the site intuitive & easy to use, and if you have any suggestions, feedback or corrections, please contact Jamie at or on 07897 246 779. Always open to new learning & Collaboration!

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