Jamie Bristoll

If you wish to put a face, albeit a somewhat weathered one, to the voice on the fone, here is Jamie Bristoll.

First off, the Office / HomeSweetHome where I may be struggling for a signal to speak to you on the fone.

Much thanks to Flinn, mi Amigo, for this bostin footage of my home, including me in Captain’s hat. Watch this space. Maybe a Summer version, too. All those leaves make the place look untidy. She is named “The Real Me“, with appropriate Who artwork, thanks to Mark at Graphic Wizard.

Jamie Bristoll – Life, the Universe & Everything.

I’m not a big fan of the Selfie, but I am very keen on every day being a life well lived. And that includes a lot of biking, yoga on the roof of Das Boot & swimming in rivers. Never the canal, mind you. I know what gets chucked in there, and even I ay that daft. Liquids only mind, never solids!

Jamie Bristoll
Immersion Heaters UK – Jamie Bristoll, Father, Son, Problem Solver, Exercise Looney. Can you see The Real Me, can you?


My first Midlife Evolution was at 40, giving up teaching after 15 years.

My second was at 50, giving up being married. Hence now working, admittedly intermittently, like a madman, trying to rebuild toward a life of Freedom.

If you got this far, fair play to you. Let’s Collaborate!

And tell me “God your face was a mess!” when we chat on the fone, and you will get a large discount for your troubles.