Flange Required Information Guide

We get some very vague inquiries, no offence meant folks!

Much of this is caused by manufacturers trying to enforce your loyalty by refusing to give, or being bloody vague about, specifications.

This leaves you with little or no choice but to pay their “Monopoly” prices, & suck up their “Manufactured on the far side of the Moon” leadtimes, usually measured in months.

However, their is another way, if you have a keen & determined spirit, a tape measure, a vernier gauge and a few minutes to spare to potentially save yourself a fortune.

The PDF link below –


…will show you this –

Flanged Heater Dimensions drawing
Flanged Heater Dimensions drawing

…which will show you what to measure & record, in order for us to give you a quote for high quality, British manufactured, Fit & Forget heaters, on a 2-3 week leadtime, delivered to your door.

As the list on the right hand side of that is a bit little, here is the list –


Flanged Heater Spec List
Flanged Heater Spec List


Rest assured, we won’t need all of those details, they are basically in order of importance, by the time you get to #46, you will likely be saying “What on earth is watt density?”

But it will at least give us a starting point for a conversation.

And I do like a chat.

And I can save you a load of money & time.

So it’s a Win-Win really.