12kW Industrial Immersion Heater


12kW 2.25″BSP Brass Screwplug 24″ Immersed Length 1 stat pocket Industrial Immersion Heater

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Our 12kW Industrial Immersion Heater, is fully UK manufactured, to exactingly high standards, from high quality component parts (resistance coil wire, magnesium oxide, tubing & electrical connections) then assembled by highly skilled technicians & top CNC machinery.

  • Immersed length of 600mm or 24″
  • 2.25″BSP screwplug
  • 415v 3 phase
  • 150mm or 6″ inactive or cold end
  • 8.5 w/cm² or 55w/in² (The lower the better) watt density
  • Alloy IP67 terminal enclosures, dimensions – 120mm diameter x 105mm height.
  • 3 x Incoloy 800 (“a superior stainless steel”) 8mm diameter 4KW 84” elements.
  • Elements brazed into screwplug.
  • Complete with Tig welded incolloy 800 11″ thermowell. This will house any of our 11″ thermostats.

Call Jamie on 01827 215684 to discuss your 12kW industrial immersion heater needs.

Or if you absolutely insist on buying online, please don’t forget the stat to control and / or cutout.

  • Control only – 5-80°C or 45 -120°C.
  • Control & Failsafe Cutout – Control 8-65°C, Cutout @ 90°C – Horizontal Fit (Thru the Side) or Vertical fit (Thru top or bottom of vessel).
  • Cutout only – Settable between 45-95°C.

A full description and explanation of the component parts of a screwed immersion heater is available here on our blog. Also available is information about how best to choose an immersion heater for water, oil, and breweries. Also available is an informational entry about the process we go through when designing immersion heaters, generally.

Useful 12kW Industrial Immersion Heater Background information.

Industrial Heating elements are a resistance coil wire (producing heat), encased in magnesium oxide (the white powder, compacted by rolling down from 10mm to 8mm, for protection of wire & insulation purposes, bizarrely) encased in a usually stainless steel tube. For more detailed written explanation, click here. For a video explanation by some bloke with a really boring voice, click above.

industrial heating element cross section
heating element cross section

Just for clarification, an Immersion Heater (see below) is 3 such elements (as image above) on a screwplug with a terminal box housing the connections. Cuz we all speak diffrent!

We can supply Industrial Heating Elements to your exact length, power output and shape requirements, but as dimensions and accuracy are critical, it’s best we have a conversation about your needs. Also, if your 12kW Industrial Immersion Heater needs deviate from the stock heater above, feel free to call Jamie on 01827 215684 to discuss your specific needs.

For the Inquisitive – Background Information

An Immersion Heater…

Immersion Heater

…is usually 3 Heating Elements, (usually Incoloy 800 sheathed (“A Superior Stainless Steel“))…

U Bent 30′′ 750mm Heating Element UK

…sometimes U bent as in Element image, sometimes looped, as in Immersion Heater image. This fits more element into available space, thus lowering the watt density & extending it’s working life. Usually on a screwplug, usually Brass 2.25″BSP.  Usually with a terminal box, hopefully IP 67 . Commonly to screw into a vessel, usually Stainless Steel, generally through the side, via a weld boss, welded to the tank.

If you now realise what you are actually after is a Heating Element, please click HERE to visit, view and buy from our sister site, HeatingElements.co.uk.  Or you can stay on IHUK and view our element selection HERE.

If you are interested in a Screwed Immersion Heater, please select from –

Further Useful Stuff.

3 x U bent element Immersion Heaters UK
3 x U bent element Immersion Heaters UK

On this site, you will not only find an online catalogue of our core range of products. You’ll find tips, advice and guidance, as well as links to other resources to make your life easier. Including our very popular heating calculators.


On our blog, ElementsOfHeating there is a wealth of relevant and useful information. An explanation of what a heating element actually is. Also we have a full description and explanation of the component parts of a screwed immersion heater and my best punt at explaining the joys of watt density, and it’s crucial importance when choosing the most appropriate immersion heater for wateroil, and breweries. Also available is an informational entry about the process we go through when designing immersion heaters generally.