2kW Oil Immersion Heater.


2kW Oil Immersion Heater 2.25″BSP Brass screwplug 20″ / 500mm immersed length 1 stat pocket

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Our 2kW Oil immersion Heater features:

  • 8mm diameter Incoloy 800 elements
  • 2.25″ BSP Brass Screwplug
  • 6″ or 150mm inactive or cold end
  • 20″ or 500mm  immersed length
  • ABS IP67 terminal enclosure rotateable through 360 degrees
  • 3 x U bent elements = 2.6 w/cm² or 17w/in² watt density LIGHT OILS
  • 3 x LOOPED elements = 1.9w/cm² or 12w/in² watt density HEAVY OILS
  • complete with 11″ thermowell.

Call Jamie on 07897 246779 to discuss your 2kW Oil Immersion Heater requirements.

If these stock heaters do not fit your needs, we can supply bespoke heaters to suit, usually within a 2 week timeframe. If youare really desperate, you can pay a premium, circa 50%ish,  to jump the queue and get them in a coupla days.

For an explanation of watt density, have a look here.

For further information on how to choose an oil immersion heater, click here.

Basically, for oil heaters our target is to get the watts density down to 12w/in² or below for heavy, industrial oils, and 25w/in² or below for lighter cooking/thermal transfer oils.

So, this 2kW Oil Immersion Heater with U bent elements at 17w/in² is appropriate for light oils.

The 3 x looped element version is fine for heavy industrial oils at 12w/in²,


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