36kW Over the Side Vat Heater.


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Introducing our latest offering, the 36kW Over-the-Side Vat Heater—exceptional, custom-made, and regrettably, quite costly.

  • 36kW 316L S/Steel Elements with 2 x 3ph 400v supply with twin cable entry glands
  • 316 S/Steel terminal box to IP65
  • Dimensions:  350mm long x 140mm wide x 90mm high
  • Y = 0mm, C = 460mm, X = 1,370mm with no top bend
  • Mounting brackets are customers scope of supply

Price:  £1851.50

Lead-time:  3 – 4 weeks

In Stainless Steel 316L, using 9 x 3 = 27kW 240v elements at 45w/in², with special Stainless Steel terminal box, would be approximately £2300.

The same thing in PTFE would need a bigger S/S box to accommodate the coils, due to the increased element length, with the elements rated at 22w/in² so as not to melt the PTFE sheathing, would cost around £3500.

36kW Over the Side Vat Heater Images

Additional images will be displayed here upon the sale of each unit!


For inquiries about your Over the Side Vat Heater requirements, please contact Jamie at 01827 215684.

We provide customized PTFE Over the Side Vat Heaters designed for aggressive chemical solutions and oils, available in both Single Phase Single Element and Three Phase Three Element configurations.

While similar to CHeflon, it’s essential to note that it’s a trademarked term. In essence, a PTFE heater comprises an extended Stainless Steel element covered by a protective sheath to enhance resistance to chemical ingress. Analogous to fitting a condom on an elephant, a longer element is necessary to maintain lower watt density and surface temperature, preventing the PTFE coating from melting.

The image below illustrates the various shapes and bends achievable, offering flexibility if the specified drops in the table further down the page are not feasible.

over the side vat heater available bends
over the side vat heater available bends

Our heaters feature:

  • PTFE or Stainless Steel sheathed elements
  • PTFE – HUGE ELEMENTS – Lower watt density, so as not to melt sheath
  • Sturdy Molded ABS Terminal Box
  • Available in 3-phase imensions of 300x100x100mm
  • Single-phase dimensions of 100x100x100mm
  • The terminal box holds an IP54 rating, making it suitable for outdoor applications.
  • It accommodates 12.7mm or 1/2″ elements and features molded cable entry glands, a removable cover for convenient wiring access, and adjustable molded mounting blocks.
  • The color-coded design facilitates easy identification of the element sheathing material, and cold section markings visually prevent liquid level drops.
  • With a robust construction, this terminal box ensures durability.