Circulation or Inline Heater


Known by many & varied names, a Circulation or Inline Heater is an immersion heater in a tube, with an inlet at one end & an outlet at the other. This allows the liquid to flow through the tube and pick up the heat from the hot section of the elements on the immersion heater.

Our Circulation or Inline Heater Range are proudly UK manufactured, by a highly trained and taxed workforce. Thus we are not cheap, but generally very cheerful. And we can generally supply within 2 weeks, rather than 2 months. This turnaround time, when coupled with unparalleled levels of product knowledge and customer care, would make us a wise choice for the discerning UK customer.

  • Any kW to suit. (54kW max on 2.25″BSP, 100’s on DN Flanges)
  • 240V Single Phase up to 6kW – 3 Phase any kW.
  • STAINLESS STEEL 316L tubing. Insulated tubes available.
  • 1 or 3 element on 2.25″BSP, more on DN Flanges.
  • Incoloy 800, “a superior stainless steel”, 8mm diameter elements.
  • Thermostat pockets & stats to suit your need.
  • Any BSP Inlet / Outlet to suit flow.
  • Any watt density to suit medium to be heated. Lower watt density requires longer tubes.
  • Horizontal or Vertical arrangement.
  • Available on skids if required.
  • Worldwide Export available if required.

Please call Jamie on 07897 246 779 to discuss your specific needs. Every application has it’s nuances & peculiarities, so it’s best we have a chat before you order these large & expensive items. You will not be talking to somebody in a call centre with a brochure & little idea. You will be talking to fella with a niche area of knowledge, that I am only too happy to share with the good people who are kind enough to find my various websites.