IBC Heater Agitator



We are very proud of our bespoke IBC Heater Agitator range, fully UK manufactured, to exactingly high standards, from high quality component parts (resistance coil wire, magnesium oxide, tubing & electrical connections) assembled by highly skilled technicians & top CNC machinery. Paid proper wages to cover their unfortunately high taxes.

IBC Heater & Agitator
IBC Heater & Agitator


Call Jamie on 07897 246 779 to discuss the pros & cons. We will hopefully find your optimum solution in terms of price, leadtime & flexibility of use.

Use our Heating Calculators to figure out your power needs. Bear in mind 6kW is the most we can squeeze onto a Single Phase supply (Requires 32 amp everything!). Then check your pockets, and possibly down the back of the settee, to figure out how much you want to spend attacking this issue.