Stainless Steel Screwplug Immersion Heater.


27/9/1kW Brewery Immersion Heater 2.25″BSP AISI-316 screwplug 39″ immersed length 1 AISI-316L stat pocket

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Designed for those customers, generally in the food industry, who require all wetted parts to be Stainless Steel, our 27/9/1kW Stainless Steel Screwplug Immersion Heater features:

  • 16mm diameter Incoloy 800 elements, with huge great wide open spaces between elements for cleaning purposes
  • 2.25″ BSP AISI-316 Screwplug
  • 6″ or 150mm inactive or cold end
  • 39″ or 990mm  immersed length
  • ABS IP65 terminal enclosure rotateable through 360 degrees
  • 27kW = 9.5 w/cm² or 61w/in² watt density (the lower the watt density, the less sh1t sticks!)
  • 9kW = 3.1 w/cm² or 20w/in²
  • 1kW = 0.5 w/cm² or 2w/in²
  • 415v DELTA = 27kW, 4 WIRE = 9kW, SERIES = 1kW
  • complete with 11″ AISI-316L thermowell.

Call Jamie on 01827 215684 to discuss your Stainless Steel Screwplug Immersion Heater requirements. As you can see this is a very flexible stock heater, which can be a variety of power outputs, and thus watt densities, so long as you have a meter to play with in terms of immersed length.

Useful Stainless Steel Screwplug Immersion Heater Background information.

Industrial Heating elements are a resistance coil wire (producing heat), encased in magnesium oxide (the white powder, compacted by rolling down from 10mm to 8mm, for protection of wire & insulation purposes, bizarrely) encased in a usually stainless steel tube. For more detailed written explanation, click here. For a video explanation by some bloke with a really boring voice, click above.

industrial heating element cross section
heating element cross section

Just for clarification, an Immersion Heater (see below) is 3 such elements (as image above) on a screwplug with a terminal box housing the connections. Cuz we all speak diffrent!


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